BREAKING: Audi Buys McLaren Automotive – CarBuzz

According to Autocar’s source, Audi presented the executive chairman of McLaren, Paul Walsh, with an offer. This initial offer was rejected by the Mumtalakat Holding Company in Bahrain, which purchased the majority of McLaren last year. The initial deal was rejected and returned to Audi with a note to double the offer.

McLaren says “there has been no change in the ownership structure of the McLaren Group.” So it appears that no offer has been deemed acceptable at this point in time.

A new deal would certainly secure the future of McLaren, and perhaps these reported talks were the reason why McLaren’s former CEO left the company last month.

If the deal does eventually happen, Audi would own even more supercar brands, and the sharing possibilities between them would be endless. McLaren could help Lamborghini move away from the famed, but extremely outdated, V12 engine, while Lamborghini could help McLaren build its first SUV based on the Urus. While the latter is frowned upon, any automotive manufacturer needs an SUV to survive. Even Ferrari buckled under pressure, deciding to build the Purosangue.

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