Giveaway Events for List Building

Giveaway events are great places to build your list fast. A giveaway event is a place where various contributors will contribute a free gift such as an e-book or video course and people who are looking for these goodies can come and get them for free, all they have to do is opt into the respective lists.

You can either choose to be a contributor or you can be the organizer. If you wish to be a contributor, you will have to contribute a gift and promote the launch to your list in order to get better ad space for your free gift. The more people you refer to the giveaway, the more eyeballs your free gift will get and hence more opt-ins.

If you choose to be the organizer, you will have to invite contributors and coordinate the whole event launch. You will have to set up the giveaway website either by purchasing a giveaway manager program or create the website yourself.

One of the common giveaway managers used is Giveaway Manager. In short, a giveaway event can not only help you generate a big list fast but can also help you network and connect with other like-minded marketers for future joint venture opportunities.



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