Ad Swaps for Fast List Building

Ad swaps are by far one of the fastest ways to build your list fast. Basically, it involves exchanging promo emails between 2 different marketers of a similar niche.

Remember, the two people doing the ad swap must be in a similar niche for it to be effective. List size and quality are also very important so make sure you know you swap partner well.

There are also several ad swapping membership sites where you can find many like-minded people to exchange lists with each other such as SafeSwaps (

You might have to pay a monthly fee for it but since you’ll be able to build a huge list through swaps it’s quite worth it.

Here are a few tips for an effective ad swap:

-Try to find out more about your swap partner’s business. Understanding his niche and his teachings will help give you a better idea as to whether his products will improve the quality of your list or degrade it.

– If possible, get your partner to verify his list size and do the same for him. Trust is an important factor in successful networking. Once you’ve broken the barriers between both parties there will be more room for future collaboration.

– Keep the fire burning. After a successful swap, find other ways for collaboration such as doing JV launches or promoting each other’s paid products.

Remember, when used correctly, ad swaps can help you achieve much more in less time!



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